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Video Transfer/Conversion

video transferPreserve your memories - every day you wait, your tapes deteriorate

Baby’s first steps, birthday parties, weddings, family vacations…you took the time to record all the special milestones – now what?  Don’t you want to watch them?

Your memories on old media types are slowly degrading with time. We can transfer them to USB or DVD today to preserve their quality.  Perhaps you no longer have a working VCR or camcorder.   Having memories in digital formats make them easily accessible, so you can share with friends and family anytime, anywhere.

We transfer VHS, Beta, camcorder tapes, reel-to-reel film and slides.  We handle most formats you’ve got aging in your dusty attic.

Let us digitize your film reels, so you can enjoy them with family without the hassle of old film projectors.

Starting at just $20.00.

Keep the old memories of your past alive – bring us your family videos today!

We can also convert your old slides to USB so you can easily view them on your laptop or TV.

Give us a call at (705) 254-5751 or stop by to see us at 84 Albert Street East (the corner of Albert & Tancred) for more information.